Election Results 2007 to 2017

Bo'ness and Blackness

Coat of Arms of the Burgh of Bo'ness prior to 1975

Bo'ness and Blackness is a mult-member ward electing 3 councillors to Falkirk Council by single transferrable vote.

The results of the elections which took place in 2007, 2012 and 2017 are detaile below along with the results of 2 by-elections which took place following the deaths of Harry and John Constable.

FCW001 - Bo'ness and Blackness 2007       FCW01 - Bo'ness and Blackness 2012       FCW01 - Bo'ness and Blackness 2017    
Details 1st Pref Elected     Details 1st Pref Elected     Details 1st Pref Elected  
Turnout 6236       Turnout 4051       Turnout 5399    
H Constable (SNP) 1723 Yes     A Ritchie (SNP) 1526 Yes     A Ritchie (SNP) 1510 Yes  
A Mahoney (Lab) 1460 Yes     A Mahoney (Lab) 852 Yes     L Munro (Con) 1412 Yes  
J Constable (SNP) 1221 Yes     D Aitchison (Lab) 826 No     D Aitchison (Lab) 1106 Yes  
L Munro (Con) 793 No     S Turner (SNP) 462 Yes     A Gilbert (SNP) 761 No  
K Wright (Lab) 532 No     L Munro (Con) 385 No     M E Corvi (Green) 312 No  
R Wilcox (Ind) 268 No               M Burnett (Lab) 298 No  
G Chapman (SSP) 239 No                      
Falkirk Council By-Elections 2007-2012              
Thursday, 19 November 2009         Thursday, 9 June 2011    
FCW01 - Bo'ness and Blackness         FCW01 - Bo'ness and Blackness    
Details 1st Pref In     Details 1st Pref In
Turnout 2789       Turnout 2804  
A Ritchie (SNP) 1604 Yes     S Turner (SNP) 1621 Yes
L Ainslie (Lab) 823 No     D Aitchison (Lab) 893 No
L Munro (Con) 283 No     L Munro (Con) 231 No
G Chomczuk (Lib Dem) 79 No     G Lawton (Ind) 59 No


Coat of Arms of the Burgh of Grangemouth prior to 1975

Grangemouth is a multi-member ward within the Falkirk Council Area.  In 2007 and 2012 Grangemouth elected 4 councillors by the single transferrable vote (STV) electoral system but in 2017 the number of elected members was reduced to 3.

FCW02 - Grangemouth 2007       FCW02 - Grangemouth 2012       FCW02 - Grangemouth 2017    
Details 1st Pref Elected     Details 1st Pref Elected     Details 1st Pref Elected  
Turnout 6995       Turnout 4867       Turnout 5604    
A MacDonald (SNP) 1954 Yes     A Black (Lab) 1201 Yes     D Balfour (SNP) 1510 Yes  
A Black (Lab) 1497 Yes     D Balfour (SNP) 1099 Yes     A Black (Lab) 1301 Yes  
R Spears (Ind) 1412 Yes     R Spears (Ind) 862 Yes     J Bundy (Con) 1030 No  
A MacNeill (Lab) 1087 Yes     J Paterson (Lab) 503 Yes     R Spears (Ind) 980 Yes  
S Martin (Con) 711 No     A Cowie (SNP) 423 No     M A Milne (SNP) 676 No  
A Rae (SNP) 238 No     A Nicol (Con) 279 No     J McLaughlin (Green) 107 No  
C Hainey (SSP) 96 No     J Waugh (Ind) 272 No            
          D Sharp (Ind) 228 No            

Denny and Banknock

Coat of Arms of the Burgh of Denny and Dunipace prior to 1975

Denny and Banknock is a multi-member ward in the Falkirk Council Area.  The ward has elected 4 members of Falkirk Council by single transferrable vote (STV) in 2007, 2012 and 2017.

Details of these elections, together with the by-election which was held following John McNally being elected to Westminster, are set out below.

FCW03 - Denny and Banknock 2007       FCW03 - Denny and Banknock 2012       FCW03 - Denny and Banknock 2017    
Details 1st Pref Elected     Details 1st Pref Elected     Details 1st Pref Elected  
Turnout 7194       Turnout 5321       Turnout 6321    
J McNally (SNP) 2093 Yes     J McNally (SNP) 1502 Yes     P Garner (SNP) 1664 Yes  
J Blackwood (Lab) 1707 Yes     J Blackwood (Lab) 1189 Yes     J Blackwood (Lab) 965 Yes  
A Waddell (Ind) 991 Yes     B McCabe (Ind) 622 Yes     N Harris (Con) 916 Yes  
M Oliver (SNP) 789 Yes     M Oliver (SNP) 571 Yes     F E Collie (SNP) 884 Yes  
K Hamid (Lab) 775 No     T Hay (Con) 443 No     B McCabe (Ind) 687 No  
A Hislop (Con) 384 No     A Waddell (Ind) 411 No     A J Waddell (Ind) 522 No  
F Buchanan (Ind) 238 No     K Hamid (Ind) 387 No     K Hamid (Lab) 314 No  
D Quinlan (SSP) 134 No     D Grant (Ind) 196 No     A Montgomery (Ind) 231 No  
W Edmund (Ind) 83 No               C Brind (Green) 119 No  
                    S Mellon (Solidarity) 19 No  
Thursday, 13 August 2015    
FCW03 - Denny and Banknock    
Details 1st Pref In
Turnout 4726  
P Garner (SNP) 3576 Yes
A Bell (Lab) 549 No
D Grant (Con) 431 No
B Capaloff (Green) 170 No